Saguin Elementary School Receives Assistance for Website Continuity

Saguin Elementary School Launches Official Site
August 22, 2017
Saguin Elementary School Gets Web Hosting Assistance
June 27, 2019

Saguin Elementary School has received a fresh round of assistance to keep its official website up and running for the next several years. RS Components provided technical and logistical support that will be key in ensuring the website’s sustained existence.

The website, launched several months ago, was built to provide Saguin Elementary School with an official and professional-looking online presence that gives the public information about the school and its programs.

Websites, however, require annual hosting plan subscriptions and domain name registrations to remain online. This is the area where RS Components saw an opportunity to provide assistance.

The company, a leading global distributor of engineering equipment and peripherals, has a corporate social responsibility program that it uses to help organizations and institutions that represent worthwhile causes. Education happens to be among the areas that are highly favored by RS, and the opportunity to assist Saguin Elementary School was just the kind of cause that the company prefers to provide a helping hand to.

“We’re very blessed to have received so much assistance for our school’s website project,” says Principal Mrs. Arlene Cabrera of Saguin Elementary School. “RS Philippines has been very generous to us and our only wish is for more schools to benefit from their advocacy towards helping modernize education in the Philippines.”

Originally developed as merely an informational hub, Saguin Elementary School’s website may later become a platform where interactive learning experiences take place. Plans are currently being discussed to one day extend the functionalities of the website.

RS is the trading arm of UK-based company Electrocomponents plc. It’s regarded globally as one of the most reliable suppliers of engineering products. RS Philippines offers a vast selection of engineering equipment and peripherals including sensors, transformers, motors, measuring tools, screwdriver sets, emergency lighting solutions, and many more.