Saguin Elementary School understands its functions beyond being just a center for learning in its community. We recognize that we are privileged to exist and serve, and we constantly strive to give back to the people through various acts of community service.

Being a state-run academic institution, we are not awash with material resources. However, we make up for this by sharing time, care and manpower through activities that involve our faculty, students, parents and members of the local community.

The school regularly participates in community cleanup campaigns, Alay-Lakad, tree planting activities and more. We also respond to calls for relief good gathering when natural calamities strike other parts of the Philippines. We believe that while academic skills are essential to the training of our students, imparting them lessons on humanitarian values is equally vital to their holistic development.

We are firm believers in the spirit of service to our fellow Filipinos. By maintaining a close relationship with the local government, members of our community, benefactors and non-profit organizations, we are able to contribute collaboratively to a brighter future for San Fernando and the rest of the Philippines.